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‘Senator Beyak: For The Record’

This is an edited transcript of a speech that Senator Lynn Beyak gave to the Canadian Senate. In response, the Aboriginal Industry started making her a focus of their attacks, which continue to this day…

‘Senator Beyak: For The Record’

Hon. Lynn Beyak:
“Honourable Senators… I want to present a somewhat different side of the residential school story…

“Today, I will take a broad look at several timely ‘indigenous’ issues that are before us. I speak partly for the record, but mostly in memory of the kindly and well-intentioned men and women and their descendants — perhaps some of us here in this chamber — whose remarkable works, good deeds and historical tales in the residential schools go unacknowledged for the most part, and are overshadowed by negative reports. Obviously, the negative issues must be addressed, but it is unfortunate that they are sometimes magnified and considered more newsworthy than the abundance of good… Continue reading ‘Senator Beyak: For The Record’

‘Paying for the Truth’

The Aboriginal Industry works hard at silencing opposition, and a courageous Canadian Senator is their latest victim: 

“Sen. Lynn Beyak, known for {correctly} defending residential schools as “well-intentioned”, has been kicked out of the ‘Conservative’ caucus after she refused to remove “racist” comments {letters of support from Canadians} posted to her Senate website.

“Beyak had posted roughly 100 letters in support of her earlier defence of residential schools…to her Senate website {Excerpts and link at bottom of post}.

“In a statement, ‘Conservative’ Leader Andrew Scheer said he found out about the letters on Tuesday and asked Beyak to remove some of the comments, but she refused… Continue reading ‘Paying for the Truth’

‘Aboriginal Liberals Say ‘NO’ To Freedom of Speech’

“Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP and Liberal ‘Indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} Caucus chairman Don Rusnak is calling for the Conservative Party to remove Sen. Lynn Beyak…

“Sen. Beyak refused an invitation to meet with the Liberal Party’s ‘Indigenous’ Caucus, an organization for which Rusnak {who is mixed race – Ukrainian and aboriginal} serves as chairman.

{We call upon the Liberal Party of Canada to abolish its racist and segregationist ‘Indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} Caucus, as it is offensive and contrary to the anti-racist and integrative values of the people of Canada. Organizing on the basis of Race is a primitive and divisive tactic that undermines Canadian unity. Furthermore, we call upon the Liberal Party of Canada to expel overt racists — of all races — from its caucus and Party…} Continue reading ‘Aboriginal Liberals Say ‘NO’ To Freedom of Speech’

‘Conservatives Censor The Truth’

“Senator Lynn Beyak has been removed from the Senate’s ‘Aboriginal Peoples’ committee, interim ‘Conservative’ Leader Rona Ambrose told ‘CBC News’ in an interview Wednesday. Ambrose said she made the decision jointly with the newly-minted leader of the Conservative caucus in the Senate, Larry Smith.

“I have been very clear that I do not in any way support Senator Beyak’s comments about residential schools. There is no way to explain her comments {If you truly believe that, you have much to learn!},” Ambrose said. “She has been removed from the Aboriginal affairs committee in the Senate and I think that’s the right thing to do. I don’t think her comments send the right message.” …

{YOU are the one who needs replacing…} Continue reading ‘Conservatives Censor The Truth’

‘Speaking The Truth’

“The {Chinese aboriginal} chairwoman of the Senate committee on ‘aboriginal people’ is asking a Conservative senator to rethink her place on the committee after she said there were positive aspects to Canada’s residential school system {An obvious truth…}.

“Conservative Lynn Beyak made the comments…in the Upper Chamber, saying that the government-funded, church-operated schools…were not all bad.

“Committee chairwoman Lillian Eva Dyck {Member of the Gordon ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 3,643 people} in Saskatchewan, and a first generation Chinese Canadian }
says Beyak’s comments were seen as being ‘ill-informed’ {? See links at bottom} and insensitive, especially to the ‘survivors’ {‘former students’} of residential schools and their descendants. Continue reading ‘Speaking The Truth’

‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’

“The only ‘indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} professor on a committee working on a new sexual assault policy at the University of British Columbia has resigned from the group after the school brought back John Furlong to speak at an upcoming fundraiser.

“Daniel Heath Justice said in a letter to university president Santa Ono that the decision “silenced and erased” {unproven} allegations that Furlong physically abused ‘First Nations’ students while teaching at a Catholic school in Burns Lake, B.C., in 1969 and 1970.

{Actually, what “silenced and erased” the allegations was that police could not find evidence to substantiate any charges; yet, decades later aboriginal race activists continue to persecute Furlong…}  Continue reading ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’

‘They’re Back For More …’

“I have spoken many times…about how controversial the Residential Schools matter is…  Many stepped forward to tell stories of supposed woes, garner the sympathy of whoever holds the purse strings, and obtained “compensation” for the pain and suffering they supposedly endured.   

“The party line says that you must all agree that this happened everywhere — not just in remote communities up north, no, it was endemic — and so all Residential Schools must be tarred with the same brush…

“However, if one looks at the objective facts, and speaks to respected elders who were there and whose stories have NOT been told, you will hear a very different scenario.” ERBLThey'reBackForMore...800x800‘Opportunist Ambulance Chasers Try to Scam More Money from the Government over Residential Schools’ 

“In an article entitled ‘Compensation for Sixties Scoop and Day School Abuse’ — found in “Two Row Times”, 28 October 2015, p.4 — we learn that some law firm proposes that there are  

    “victims of Canada’s assimilation policies through residential schools and other legislative bodies that have fallen through the cracks when it comes to financial compensation”.   

“The solution: a class action lawsuit to grab more money from the Canadian taxpayer… 
Continue reading ‘They’re Back For More …’

‘The Positive Side of Residential Schools’

“Shockingly, the churches have failed to honour the dedicated service of most residential school employees, both aboriginal and non-aboriginal. They have failed to defend their own integrity and they have failed to defend the integrity of their innocent employees. They have done little to correct the impression, in the minds of some Canadians, that many residential school supervisors were child abusers and pedophiles.”

ERBLThePosiitiveSideOfResidentialSchools800x800“I spent the 1966-67 year as a supervisor in an Anglican residential school, Stringer Hall, in Inuvik, N.W.T. Previously, I spent four months living at Old Sun School, an Anglican residential school, on the Siksika (Blackfoot) Reserve in southern Alberta. Much earlier, my wife (a Siksika) spent eight years at Old Sun, and even earlier, her parents attended the same school for eight years. All of us recognize many of the positive things that happened in residential schools. My wife, in fact, insists on calling Old Sun a “private Anglican school,” my father-in-law was ordained as an Anglican priest, and my mother-in-law worked in the local church for more than 60 years. None of us heard a word — not even a murmur — about children being sexually abused.

“It is now widely acknowledged that some people working in residential schools abused the children under their care. But, no one has acknowledged that some children abused other children. Of course, people who abused others should be charged, and if convicted, they should pay for their crimes. Moreover, administrators from the churches and from Indian and Northern Affairs who covered up these crimes should be charged, convicted, and punished.

“But, before joining the feeding frenzy of lawyers who want to extract billions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers, it may be worthwhile considering some of the positive things that happened in residential schools. Surprisingly, church leaders have rarely mentioned the benefits these schools provided for their students: Continue reading ‘The Positive Side of Residential Schools’

‘Scapegoating the Residential Schools – 4’

‘Scapegoating the Residential Schools’
{Part 4 of 4}:

From news stories on November 24, 2005, the day the federal Liberal government announced that they had reached a deal with the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ on the Residential School issue:

“Toronto-based ‘Thomson Rogers’…has led a massive class-action lawsuit being pressed by 20 firms across Canada. If that process is nullified by the new settlement, Farrer says the consortium of lawyers would receive $40 million…

“It seems like a lot of money. But during the same period of time, the Department of Justice paid its lawyers to fight this litigation somewhere between $80 million and $100 million.’’
“Ottawa must also kick in $125 million for the creation of an aboriginal healing foundation, $60 million for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and $20 million for commemoration projects…

ERBLScapegoatingTheResidentialSchools800x800-4“Under the agreement, the federal government will provide a total of about $1.9 billion in compensation to the estimated 80,000 former residential school victims who are still alive.

“This is not an issue of physical or sexual abuse — everyone who attended a residential school will get a government cheque averaging $24,000. No questions asked.

“In addition, the deal allows those who do have claims of abuse to collect their $24,000, and still go after the feds for additional compensation for their suffering at the hands of school pedophiles.

“Government officials admit they have no idea how much all that could cost taxpayers, but one lawyer involved in the agreement estimates the additional tab could hit $1 billion {in addition to the $1.9 billion…}.

“And what of the churches responsible for the offending pedophiles and other serial abusers?

“One Supreme Court ruling established that the churches should bear about a quarter of the liability in residential school abuse cases — a bill that could easily have topped $500 million. But under the deal struck over the weekend, the government is agreeing to protect the churches from all ongoing and future legal actions by abuse victims.

“In return, government officials say the Anglican church has agreed to chip in about $25 million, and the Presbyterians about $3 million…

“Having run almost 70% of the residential schools at issue, Catholic organizations could have been on the hook for at least $350 million of the latest deal.

“Instead, under the agreement, the church has to provide $25 million of “in-kind” services for aboriginal healing, and has agreed to try to raise another $25 million for “reconciliation” programs. Finally, the 41 Catholic groups involved in the deal have also pledged $29 million to the ‘Aboriginal Healing Foundation’ “as it may be requested.” The foundation is one of the dozen secretive money pits created by the Liberals beyond the prying eyes of access to information laws, and even the auditor general.

“Oh, I almost forgot the lawyers.

“The government has agreed to pay the lawyers for the aboriginal school victims a cool $80 million.” Continue reading ‘Scapegoating the Residential Schools – 4’

‘Scapegoating the Residential Schools – 3’

‘Scapegoating the Residential Schools’
{Part 3 of 4}:

“If you look at it historically, the priests were very well-travelled and intelligent. They realized that the natives’ food supply was diminishing, and they realized that the schools were one way the natives would learn the new tools they needed to survive — and a lot of those kids did learn.”

“My own mother attended the residential school in Lebret from 1909 to 1916 in Saskatchewan, and she loved it. The nuns taught her everything; how to sew, cook, read and write. How would she have learned, otherwise? Certainly, the European style of discipline was different than native culture, but what could you do? If you let the children leave, a lot of them would have starved. You needed discipline.”

ERBLScapegoatingTheResidentialSchools800x800-3“There was a growing desire among ‘Indian’ people to control their children’s education directly. In 1971, the federal government handed control of the ‘Blue Quills Residential School’ near St. Paul, Alta., to local bands, making it the first federal Indian school to be run by natives. The process of turning over the schools, both residential and day facilities, to local bands accelerated during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

“By 1993, there were only seven residential schools left in Canada and these were administered solely by native bands.

“By the late 1980’s, many natives, especially politicians, were pointing accusing fingers at the residential schools. Highly-publicized incidents of sexual abuse, coupled with white liberal guilt about ‘cultural assimilation’, transformed the old residential schools into symbols of “degradation” and “cultural genocide”, where the native children were systematically stripped of their culture, forced to adopt non-native ways, and undergo physical torture and sexual abuse by the school staff. Continue reading ‘Scapegoating the Residential Schools – 3’