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‘Not Even A Slap On The Wrist’

So, police determine that an ‘anti-pipeline’ protest trailer is illegally parked in front of an oil storage facility. Protesters object to an already-approved expansion of a 60-year-old pipeline. Police leave the trailer alone for 2 months before finally arriving to enforce the law. A protester climbs on top of the trailer to stop it from being towed away. It works. The police go away {!?!}…

The police come back the next day and crowbar their way into the trailer, where they arrest 2 protesters. They are at the station for less than an hour when they are released — without charges! {Starting to sound like Caledonia…}

Back at the trailer, police negotiate with the roof-sitter and end up promising that if she comes down, they won’t enforce the law and tow the trailer away {!?!}. She agrees and comes down. Police go away…

Don’t companies deserve law enforcement for the amount of tax revenue that they generate? How are police going to deal with the many protests and illegal blockades that are promised by pipeline opponents?

Yet another example of unequal law enforcement – and unequal law – under Race Based Law… Continue reading ‘Not Even A Slap On The Wrist’

Calling for an inquiry into race supremacy and native studies

Canada should launch a full inquiry into the overtly racist teachings of native studies, and white privilege.

We have been in a unique position here on our Facebook page, having heard from thousands of natives across Canada, mostly the youth because they are the Internet/computer/iphone generation, but also because they are emboldened with “Native Studies” and “White Privilege Studies”.

The result of this race based blame game, shallow,and even revisionist history education has been disastrous, especially since they are too often woefully lacking in a more broad academic education. It’s created some of the most limited, tainted, biased, racist, mixed up, hate filled dialogue anyone could hear. Continue reading Calling for an inquiry into race supremacy and native studies