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‘Changing Canada’s Citizenship Oath’

“New Canadians will soon promise to honour {dishonest interpretations of} treaties with ‘indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} peoples as part of their oath of citizenship. 

“The mandate letter for new Immigration Minister {Somalian-born refugee} Ahmed Hussen lists making the change to the swearing-in ceremony as one of his key priorities, along with enhancing refugee resettlement services and cutting wait times for application processing.

“According to the mandate letter, the proposed change is to reflect the {Partial} Truth and {One-way} Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action.  Continue reading ‘Changing Canada’s Citizenship Oath’

‘The Conceit of Cultural Genocide in Canada’

Michael Melanson:

On June 2nd, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will release the executive summary of its final report on the Indian Residential Schools (IRS). As if she were trying to beat everyone else to the punch, Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverly McLachlan was the first to use the opportunity for dropping the G-bomb, declaring on May 28 that Canada had committed “cultural genocide” against aboriginal peoples through the residential schools. 

ERBLTheConceitofCulturalGenocideinCanada800x800FINALAlthough the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide doesn’t mention ‘cultural genocide’, the term has been used for many years by activists and academics to characterize the IRS. Canada’s accusers most often try to tease out violations from the clauses of the Convention but it is questionable whether the charge of cultural genocide has to meet any legal test at all since it isn’t criminalized. The SCOC Chief Justice would surely be aware of the impossibility of prosecuting cultural genocide in the World Court and for someone in her position to claim Canada is guilty of the worst crime against humanity when justice cannot be served in court is to make sure the wounds of the residential schools fester.  Continue reading ‘The Conceit of Cultural Genocide in Canada’