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‘Race Based Law Not Fair To Anyone’

Lawyers continue to be the main beneficiaries of Race Based Law: 

“The federal ‘Liberal’ government has spent more than $110,000 fighting a ‘First Nations’ {‘descendant of Siberian settlers’} girl in court to block payment for orthodontic treatment that cost just $6,000, according to documents released under the ‘Access to Information Act’ and shared with ‘CBC News’. 

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‘Health Care Is NOT A Treaty Right’

Welcome to another episode of ‘Canadian Mythology’:
Today’s Episode — “Treaties guarantee free health care for aboriginals”

ERBLTreatyRightsEqualsFreeHealthCare800x800“Treaty Number Six was unique as it was THE ONLY TREATY OF ITS SORT WITH AN IMPLIED PROVISION FOR HEALTH CARE. It allows a medicine chest to be kept in the home of an Indian agent for the use and benefit of the aboriginals.

“Some aboriginals have interpreted this provision as extending to all who signed the Numbered Treaties. It is also interpreted by some as a promise by the federal government to provide free health care to every aboriginal person in Canada — forever.”

–“1876 – 1877: The Indian Act, 1876 and Numbered Treaties Six and Seven”
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