‘Stand Up for Canada!’

From Halifax, on ‘Canada Day’:
A member of the ‘Proud Boys’ — proud of Canada – is told by an anti-Canadian protester that he can’t display the Red Ensign. He then asks why, since there is a Mi’kmaq flag being flown {talk about ‘Cultural Appropriation’!} and an upside-down Canadian flag, and is told that the Red Ensign is “a flag of ‘Genocide’” — a clearly aggressive and provocative insult on Canada Day. Here’s a partial transcript of the encounter — from the video in the linked article — followed by the ridiculous and embarrassing response by some Canadian military officials – people more concerned with Political Correctness than defending Canada…: 

Proud Boy with flag: “So why is she allowed the Mi’kmaq flag but I’m not allowed my flag?”

Anti-Canadian: “You’re not allowed… {?} This is a flag of genocide.” 

Proud Boy #2: “This is a country of genocide?”

Anti-Canadian: “Yes, it is.”

Proud Boy #2: “We’re living in a country of genocide?”

Anti-Canadian: “I’m glad you’re now aware of that.”

Proud Boy with flag: “All of that was done with the Union Jack…”

Anti-Canadian: “This is Mi’kmaq territory. This is not Canada.”

Proud Boy with flag: “This is Canada. It might’ve been Mi’kmaq territory.”

Proud Boy #2: “So you don’t have I.D.? You don’t pay your taxes? You don’t have a Medicare card?”

Anti-Canadian: “This is not an argument.”

Proud Boy #2: “Well, it is…”

The anti-Canadian then repeats the prompting from a woman in the background: “You need to have respect… So, please…”

Proud Boy #2: “I feel like we’re being respectful but you’re telling us our country doesn’t exist. We’re celebrating our country today.”

Male voice in background: “It’d be great if you left.”

Anti-Canadian: “You have two choices. You can stay {This is a PUBLIC space! On Canada Day!} but you can’t have your colonial genocide flag, or you can leave.”
{VIDEO edit at this point…}

Proud Boy with flag, speaking to male protester: “…and the founding of everything you see, and the house that you live in. Why don’t you give all that you own, back? Give your sweater, give your pants, give your shoes – give it all back.”

Male protester: “So, between very little and nothing?”

Proud Boy with flag, speaking to male protester: “Yeah, but it’s still not yours, if this is still Mi’kmaq land that everybody here should be handing over to them.”

Woman in background: “Yeah? Then show some pride and get the fuck out of here…” 

PHOTO: Anjuli Patil — CBC

A second phone video clip includes the following exchange:

Male protester: “You’ve been respectfully {?} asked to leave.”

Proud Boy #3: “…while you’re flipping my {Canadian} flag upside down…”

Female protester: “Is it yours? {Sarcastically} I just heard you say ‘mine’! Is it yours, pretty boy? I’m sorry if it bothers you…”

Proud Boy with flag: “You’ve defaced the flag of Canada.”

Female protester: “It says ‘Decolonize’. I’m sorry you weren’t taught to read… I don’t like you.”

Proud Boy #3: “Why? You don’t even know me.”

Female protester: “I don’t need to know you. I don’t like you… Go away… Go away… Supremacist…”

Proud Boy #3: “I’m actually Metis.”

Female protester: “No, you’re not.”

Proud Boy #3: “Yes, I am.”

Female protester: “Don’t pull that bullshit….”

Proud Boy #3: “100% true.”

Female protester: “Oh, yeah?”

Proud Boy #3: “Cree and French.”

Female protester: “Oh, yeah? Yeah? … Then show some pride and get the fuck out of here. Go…”

Proud Boy #4: “I have ancestors that died in WW1; then, WW11, and the Korean War that died for this country that you’re defacing here. So, you’re disrespecting MY ancestors.”

Female protester: “If you were here for the beginning of this, you would have heard arguments against all of that. It’s time for you to go, you’re interrupting…”

SUMMARY: The ‘Proud Boys’ couldn’t have been more polite and respectful, particularly in the face of racist, anti-Canadian provocation. Yet, the soldiers are now going to be persecuted. From the always anti-Canadian ‘CBC’…:

“The members of the Canadian Armed Forces who ‘disrupted’ a protest organized by ‘indigenous’ {‘descendants of Siberian settlers’} activists in Halifax on Canada Day will be removed from training and duties as the military investigates and reviews the circumstances, says the country’s top general.

“On Saturday, a gathering of ‘indigenous’ people and activists held a protest at the Edward Cornwallis statue in downtown Halifax. The protest was ‘disrupted’ by five off-duty military members wearing black polo shirts who referred to themselves as ‘Proud Boys’.
{NO mention of the fact that it was an ANTI-Canada protest by aboriginal racists and Leftist anti-Canadians…} 

Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Jonathan Vance (Adrian Wyld — Canadian Press)

“We are the nation’s protectors, and any member of the Canadian Armed Forces who is not prepared to be the defender we need them to be will face severe consequences, including release from the forces,”

Gen. Jonathan Vance, chief of defence staff, said in a statement Tuesday night.

{They WERE defending Canada, you twit!}

“What happened in Halifax over the weekend is deplorable, and Canadians should rest assured my senior leadership is seized of the matter,” said Vance. “The members involved will be removed from training and duties while we conduct an investigation and review the circumstances. Their future in the military is certainly in doubt.”

Vance apologized to Canada’s ‘indigenous’ people for the

“behaviour of a few.”

“Canada’s defence minister condemned the actions of the Armed Forces members who disrupted the protest and said there will be consequences for military personnel who

“express intolerance {?} while in — or out — of uniform.”

{It was the Aboriginal racists and Leftists who were expressing intolerance!} 

“I want to give you my personal assurance that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated within the ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence,” Harjit Sajjan wrote in a ‘Facebook’ post Tuesday evening.

“Sajjan said an investigation by the ‘Canadian Forces National Investigation Service’ is underway into the actions of the men who call themselves ‘Proud Boys’

Chief Grizzly Mamma shaved her head as a symbol of mourning during the Edward Cornwallis protest on Canada Day in Halifax. (Anjuli Patil — CBC)

“As one of the {aboriginal race} activists, Chief Grizzly Mamma {who is from B.C.}, was shaving her head in protest, the gathering was ‘interrupted’ by five off-duty military members wearing black polo shirts with yellow trim, one of whom carried a Red Ensign flag.

“The two groups exchanged words. The man who was carrying the flag said,

“You’re disrespecting General Cornwallis.”

“A ‘Facebook’ message that appears to be from Dave Eldridge, one of the men who approached the activists and ‘indigenous’ protesters, told ‘CBC News’ he is part of group called the ‘Proud Boys’, a

“multi-racial fraternal organization.” 

“The ‘Facebook’ page of the ‘Proud Boys Canadian Chapters’ says they are

“a fraternal organization of Western Chauvinists who will no longer apologize for creating the modern world,”

and do not discriminate on the basis of race or sexuality.

“Eldridge said in his ‘Facebook’ message that the group had thought the event was an anti-Canada protest and left after learning that wasn’t the case {? The video clearly indicates the anti-Canadian core of their phony ‘ceremony’…}.

“The entire exchange between the two groups lasted about 10 minutes.

“Organizers of the protest said they held the July 1 event there because they felt the statue is a symbol of the systematic persecution of ‘indigenous’ people, past and present.
{See – it WAS an anti-Canada protest, one of a series held across the country…}

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan (Adrian Wyld — CP)

“Sajjan {pathetically and unnecessarily} apologized to the Halifax Mi’kmaq community and Chief Grizzly Mamma in his ‘Facebook’ post.

“I know my words cannot undo the ‘disrespect’ that was shown to you and your community {What about THEIR diserspect to Canada? You work for CANADA, fool…}. I know our government has much more work to do with respect to reconciliation with {so-called} ‘Indigenous’ Peoples.”

{And how about one more ridiculous apology}:

“Earlier Tuesday, the commanding officer of the Royal Canadian Navy on the East Coast apologized for the actions of the members of the Canadian Forces who were involved in the confrontation. 

Rear Admiral John Newton (Photo: CBC)

“Rear Admiral John Newton said that members represent their institution even when they’re off duty and out of uniform in their personal lives.

“I’ll stand here in front of you and apologize to the Aboriginal community, to the whole public community that feels offended by the actions of fellow Canadians who wear the uniform,” he told a group of reporters.

{We’re offended by YOU!}

{See also: ‘Mea Maxima Culpa: The Ruse of Political Apologies’ {February 5, 2016}:

“Newton said he followed social media response to the incident {Aboriginal race activists are all over ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’, the hypocrites…} and sat down with the group to explain that their actions didn’t represent the military…

“The perception I took is exactly what the people at the Cornwallis monument took {Anti-Canadian… YOU should be investigated.}. It didn’t allow them to have the space to have their own views and to express them. It tried to counter them.

“It’s just the wrong place for our soldiers, sailors and our men and women to be, and they certainly shouldn’t be congregating even outside of that, representing those kinds of {pro-Canadian} views.”

{In other words, soldiers can NEVER express their objections to traitors who would bring down Canada. Political correctness is costing these people their sanity!}

“Rebecca Moore, a Mi’kmaq {anti-Canada} activist who was at the Cornwallis protest on Canada Day, said she was happy to hear the rear admiral apologize on behalf of the offending Forces members {I’ll bet!}

“Newton said the ‘indigenous’ community would be consulted about the ‘Proud Boys’ incident. He said he has good communications with local ‘indigenous’ leaders and would speak to advisers in the community to get guidance {??? You get your ‘guidance’ from your superior officers, not from outsiders with an axe to grind. What in the hell is wrong with you?}.

“Cornwallis, a governor of Nova Scotia, was a military officer credited by the British for founding Halifax in 1749. Later that year, he issued a bounty on the scalps of Mi’kmaq people. There’s been considerable {aboriginal} debate over the use of Cornwallis’s name on public parks, buildings and street signs.”

–‘Armed Forces members who disrupted Indigenous rally could get the boot’,
Elizabeth McMillan and Anjuli Patil, CBC News, July 04, 2017

Feature PHOTO: Anjuli Patil — CBC

Link includes VIDEO…

“Save The Five’ PETITION:


“‘Indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} activists in Halifax were confronted on Canada Day by a ‘group of men’ {‘Canadian activists’} who claimed to be members of a “Western chauvinist” organization called the ‘Proud Boys’.

“Chief Grizzly Mamma led a ‘ceremony’ {shaving her head} on Saturday near the statue of Edward Cornwallis, Halifax’s founder, who established the ‘policy of genocide’ against the Mi’kmaq people.
{That’s another outright lie from the ‘CBC’. See our next post: ‘Demonizing The Past — Cornwallis’.}

“She was briefly interrupted by five men decked in black polo shirts and carrying a Red Ensign flag, Canada’s predecessor to the Maple Leaf.

“The men — who have since been identified as members of the Canadian Armed Forces — said Grizzly Mama was “disrespecting” Cornwallis. 

“The ‘Facebook’ page of the ‘Proud Boys Canadian Chapters’ says it is

“a fraternal organization of Western Chauvinists who will no longer apologize for creating the modern world.”

“And according to Will Sommer, a {Left-wing} Washington-based political reporter for the ‘Hill’, the group was actually started last year by Gavin McInnes, the Canadian co-founder of the media outlet ‘Vice’ turned…commentator. In the past, McInnes has admitted he is

“becoming anti-Semitic”.

{Another deliberate CBC distortion. McInnes is also funny and that comment was a sarcastic aside when he was complaining about Israelis overdoing their self-promotion while he was visiting Israel…}

“Sommer says they generally tout “traditionalist” views.

“Their mottos include:

“West is best,” “Glorify the entrepreneur,” “Venerate the housewife” and “I won’t apologize for creating the modern world.” …

“Down here in the U.S., they’re…very big fans of [U.S. President] Donald Trump, for example,” Sommer said.

{The hysterical CBC — with no regard for McInnes’ legendary humour — then accepts this at face value}:

“According to Sommer, who has sifted through ‘Proud Boys’ social media pages, there are four steps, or “degrees”, to becoming a Proud Boy.

–Declare yourself a ‘Proud Boy’.
–Take a beating from other ‘Proud Boys’ while naming five breakfast cereals.

“This seems bizarre, but the theory behind it sort of prepares you to think on your feet and think when your adrenalin is pumping,” Sommer said.

–Get a ‘Proud Boys’ tattoo.
–Get into a physical fight with a Left-wing protester.

“They also take something of a vow of self-celibacy.

“You have to subscribe to McInnis’s philosophy of #NoWanks, which means you can only masturbate once a month,” Sommer said.

“He believes that too-frequent masturbation or pornography has sort of sapped the will of the modern man.”

“Sommer says the ‘Proud Boys’ are part of a movement called “the alt-light” — a less extreme version of the so-called “alt-right”, whose self-billed leader Richard Spencer espouses blatant white supremacism and anti-Semitism.

“They are, in fact, the foes of those people. They are what is called civic nationalists. There is growingly, at least in the United States, a divide between these two groups,” Sommer said.

“That said, the ‘Proud Boys’ Canadian ‘Facebook’ page contains posts that are critical of Islam, mock people who use “they/them” pronouns, and boast about white men’s contributions to technological advancements.
{Sounds fine!}

“Sommer said women are not allowed in the group, although there is a sister organization. The ‘Proud Boys’ do, however, accept gay and non-white members…”

–‘Who are the Proud Boys who disrupted an Indigenous event on Canada Day?’,
As It Happens, CBC, July 04, 2017


PHOTO: Anjuli Patil — CBC

“On ‘Canada Day’, five servicemen heard there was an anti-Canada rally going on in a local park in Halifax.

“They went to check it out and were immediately swarmed by Left-wingers who told them they may not enter the park carrying the Canadian flag because it’s a flag of ‘genocide’.

“The protesters were carrying an upside-down Canadian flag with the word “Decolonize” written on it. The servicemen peacefully asked the mob a few questions and then quietly left.

“Since then, the far Left and the media have turned this innocuous story into a case of “Nazis” disrupting an ‘indigenous’ religious ceremony.

“The servicemen are part of a multiracial men’s club called ‘The Proud Boys’ which is anti-Nazi, not to mention that two of the five servicemen are Metis and another is gay.

“Top military officials in Canada have run with this narrative, apologized to the mob and said the servicemen are facing

“severe consequences”.

This is a witch hunt.

“It’s despicable and we should be embarrassed that we treat our soldiers and sailors this way. We ask these men to die for our country and fight under our flag and then ruin them for daring to ask a few questions at a protest.

“When this petition reaches 10,000 signatures, I will fly to Halifax and personally deliver it to Rear Admiral John Newton of the Canadian Navy.

“Help save these five servicemen by signing the petition:

‘The Petition’:
The five servicemen who peacefully protested an anti-Canada demonstration must be exonerated by Rear Admiral John Newton of the Royal Canadian Navy.”



Ezra Levant: https://youtu.be/wSfVO9YoBTg

CBC again saying Cornwallis established ‘Genocide’:
The CBC later apologized for this interview, saying they forgot to slander Gavin McInnes about (tongue-in-cheek) ‘anti-Jewish’  remarks he previously made. They also apologized for being too journalistic, and not confrontational enough. And, of course, the racist CBC apologized for not having an “indigenous voice” on the broadcast. They then introduce an Aboriginal Industry lawyer and gave her more time than McInnes got:

See also: 
Systemic Racism’ In Canadian Military?{December 18, 2016}:

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Mail to: endracebasedlawpetition@gmail.com

‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’

“The only ‘indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} professor on a committee working on a new sexual assault policy at the University of British Columbia has resigned from the group after the school brought back John Furlong to speak at an upcoming fundraiser.

“Daniel Heath Justice said in a letter to university president Santa Ono that the decision “silenced and erased” {unproven} allegations that Furlong physically abused ‘First Nations’ students while teaching at a Catholic school in Burns Lake, B.C., in 1969 and 1970.

{Actually, what “silenced and erased” the allegations was that police could not find evidence to substantiate any charges; yet, decades later aboriginal race activists continue to persecute Furlong…} 

“Justice {what an ironic name for this perpetrator of injustice}, chairman of ‘First Nations’ and ‘indigenous’ studies, said he could not continue to serve on the committee…

“The university cancelled Furlong’s speech at a Feb. 28 student athletics benefit after a graduate student circulated a letter critical of him. But Ono reversed the decision this week, calling Furlong a “champion for amateur sport” who is especially qualified to speak.

“Furlong, the former Vancouver Olympics CEO, has vehemently denied the allegations, which first emerged in a 2012 newspaper article. Journalist Laura Robinson later lost her defamation suit against Furlong, with a judge ruling her reporting constituted an attack on his character.

“Several ‘indigenous’ professors have criticized the university’s decision to invite Furlong back. Charles Menzies, an anthropology professor {of course}, said he is troubled by the matter…

“Furlong has said the school’s decision to cancel the speech caused him and his family “deep hurt and embarrassment”.

“Claire Hunter, a lawyer for Furlong, said he has consistently stated he is innocent and pointed to the ruling in Robinson’s case, which included testimony from a nun who said Furlong was “kind and respectful” to students, and she never saw him use the strap.

“The RCMP has said an investigation into physical abuse allegations concluded without charges

“Sara-Jane Finlay, associate vice-president of ‘equity and inclusion’ and co-chair of the committee, said Justice was a very important member who provided significant contributions.

“We are saddened by his resigning from the committee but we do respect his decision,” she said.

{How can you “respect” someone whose only justification for his attitude is a racist worldview? He has slandered Furlong. How does he even get to teach at a university??}

–‘Indigenous’ prof quits committee after university brings back John Furlong’,
Canadian Press, JANUARY 11, 2017



Laura Robinson (PHOTO: Jonathan Hayward -- CP Freelance)
Laura Robinson (PHOTO: Jonathan Hayward — CP Freelance)

“Former Vancouver Olympic chief executive officer John Furlong could be forgiven if he thought the ugly ordeal he endured during the past few years was behind him.

“But clearly it is not. And if some people get their way, it will never be.

“As most know, Mr. Furlong in 2012 was the subject of devastating allegations that he had sexually and physically abused aboriginal children at a school in northern British Columbia where he taught in the early 1970s. He vigorously denied all of the assertions.

Three people filed civil lawsuits claiming Mr. Furlong sexually abused them. Two of the three cases were quickly dismissed; the other was dropped. The author of the article that first laid bare many of the charges of abuse, Laura Robinson, sued Mr. Furlong for defamation after he claimed her story amounted to a pack of lies.
(Mr. Furlong dropped a defamation suit against Ms. Robinson after the civil lawsuits failed, saying he just wanted to get on with his life. She persisted with hers.)

“B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Wedge, one of the most respected jurists in the province, heard the libel case. Her judgment in September, 2015 — clearing Mr. Furlong of any slander — was a devastating critique not only of Ms. Robinson’s work, but of many of the claims made against the former Olympic CEO.

“With that, most people thought the matter was over, that Mr. Furlong would be able to get on with repairing his battered image and restart the successful career he had forged as a public speaker before it crashed amid the tawdry contentions against him. It was not to be.
(I should disclose here that I was hired in 2010 to write Mr. Furlong’s Olympic memoir, “Patriot Hearts”. In the process, I got to know the man well and never believed any of the allegations made against him.)

Glynnis Kirchmeier (Photo: ROSEMARY WESTWOOD - METRO)
Glynnis Kirchmeier (Photo: ROSEMARY WESTWOOD – METRO)

“Late last year, Mr. Furlong was asked to speak at an upcoming sports-fundraising breakfast at the University of British Columbia. That is, until a former student and sexual assault activist named Glynnis Kirchmeier found out and complained that by doing so, the school was accepting Mr. Furlong’s word over his ‘First Nations’ indicters.

“She suggested in a letter to the school that Mr. Furlong’s “lack of criminal history” reflected

“the racist exclusion of ‘First Nations’ people from the protection of the RCMP and legal system.”

“The school bit and cancelled Mr. Furlong’s engagement.

“This, by any definition, is an outrage. The RCMP and the courts have investigated the most outrageous allegations against Mr. Furlong and summarily rejected them. Allegations of abuse were not brought to police at the time, nor were any civil claims filed. There is little more Mr. Furlong could now do to clear his name.

“Still, that is not enough.

The campaign against him has the palpable feel of a vendetta, and UBC should be ashamed of itself for participating in it. This decision shows UBC is a school with little moral spine, an intellectual wimp that is captive to moral arbiters who get their jollies from shutting things down.

“I get that there are people who will always believe Mr. Furlong’s complainants. And I understand some people have a lot invested in trying to bring him down, no matter how long it takes. But we operate under a code of law in this country. And in terms of the allegations that have made it to court against Mr. Furlong, the law has spoken loudly and clearly.

“UBC’s handling of this issue – like so many of the messes that have enveloped the school in the past few years – has been atrocious. On Tuesday, the university’s new president, Santa Ono, clearly feeling the heat from a seething public, said in a statement the decision was made without his knowledge and that he had apologized to Mr. Furlong personally…

“I can assure you this will not sit well with many UBC alumni, including important donors. They, like many, believe John Furlong won the right to get on with his life and escape the tyranny of his accusers and their acolytes.

“Instead, UBC played right into their hands.”

–‘John Furlong has won the right to get on with his life’,
GARY MASON, Toronto Globe and Mail, Jan. 03, 2017



“Daniel Justice, the ‘First Nations’ and ‘Indigenous’ Studies chair and professor at UBC, said in his resignation letter that the decision to reinstate Furlong undermines the work he and the university are doing to build relationships with ‘indigenous’ people…

“(A)fter consultation with members of my {racial} community and significant reflection, my priority must be to support under-represented {?} ‘indigenous’ voices on these matters, and I believe that a viable and legitimate ‘survivor’-centred approach to sexual assault cannot stand with integrity alongside this deeply troubling action. At least not for me.”

“Justice, who is also the Canada research chair in ‘indigenous’ literature and ‘expressive culture’, declined to comment publicly beyond his resignation letter, stating that he wants the story to be about the Lake Babine community’s concerns, not his actions…

“Claire Hunter, Furlong’s lawyer, provided a statement saying Furlong has

“consistently stated that he is innocent of the alleged abuse and each allegation that has been subject to investigation by the RCMP or finding of the Courts has been found to be unsubstantiated.”

–‘Indigenous’ professor resigns from UBC committee over John Furlong reinstatement’,
TRACY SHERLOCK, Vancouver Sun, January 11, 2017


COMMENT: “The evidence against John Furlong was demonstrated to be confusing at best and false at worst. He was not charged with a crime, never mind convicted. It is appalling that he should now be scapegoated by people who have grudges and complaints against other individuals and institutions entirely. Very disappointing, to say the least.”
“Ironic name for a professor who doesn’t seem to respect justice or the rule of law in this country. Can’t imagine his teaching skills are any more balanced than his actions. If he had any backbone and conviction he would resign…”
“This reminds me of another ‘indigenous’ prof, Lorna June McCue, who complained about not getting tenure because she, in her 11 years as prof, didn’t write any peer-reviewed papers. Lorna believes because she’s one of the special people, she should be able to present oral presentations like HER people have done for thousand of years. So this article doesn’t surprise me at all. This resignation is a UBC win!”
“Accused is not the same as ‘convicted.’ No one is pandering to powerful people, everyone in Canada has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Reasonable people who respect fundamental justice think that guilt is something the Courts decide, not individuals.

“This postmodern view that everyone can construct his or her own ‘reality’ and that therefore it’s just A-OK for a non-judge to determine guilt using whatever “alternative epistemology” he wants, is bogus. Guilt is determined by Judges of the Crown. No Crown Judge has condemned Furlong, and therefore, to all loyalists, he is innocent. Loyalists need to stand up for one another, and our values. Fundamental justice is non-negotiable. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction is a part of fundamental justice. It is shocking to our conscience that we have “scholars” who are ignorant of these basic principles.”
“Good riddance to Mr Justice. Perhaps he should change his name to Daniel Bias or Mr Prejudiced Against the Truth. To think that he might be espousing his personal thoughts and biases to our children being schooled at UBC is quite disturbing in itself.”
“…His accusers failed to testify when the rubber hit the road. One of the accusers wasn’t even registered at the school, ever. One of them is a “serial accuser” who finally got charged with contempt because he made the same claims of more than one “powerful” person. I could go on about how the residential school claim program brought out the worst in both the people it was supposed to help and in the lawyers who were supposed to be helping them, but probably that would violate some confidentiality agreements i might have signed somewhere.”
“What is the lesson here. Don’t expose yourself to future claims of abuse by not interacting with any ‘First Nations’, period?”


“It’s all just a little too … tidy to be satisfactory.

“The University of British Columbia president, the felicitously named Santa Ono, on Tuesday issued an apology to John Furlong, the former head of the Vancouver Olympics whose speech to a university sports breakfast was abruptly cancelled last month when a nasty controversy that ought to have been well laid to rest was raised again.

“In brief, six years ago Furlong was accused by a journalist of physical abuse, and later sexual abuse, through complaints of ‘First Nation’ former students at schools in northern B.C. where Furlong taught as a young man.

“The two stories Laura Robinson wrote, which appeared in 2012, spawned sexual-abuse lawsuits (all dismissed or dropped) and defamation lawsuits between Furlong and Robinson. Furlong dropped his. Robinson didn’t, and lost in the B.C. Supreme Court in September of 2015, when Judge Catherine Wedge tossed her lawsuit and deemed that her stories weren’t simple journalism, but rather that they constituted “an attack”.

“Fast forward to December of this year, when a sexual-assault activist and UBC alumna named Glynnis Kirchmeier revived the allegations in a lengthy tweet in which she demanded Furlong’s speech be cancelled (and that he be banned from campus).

“That was on Dec. 19.

“In the days afterwards, Kirchmeier tweeted at least once directly to Ono

(“@ubcprez Please cancel the @ubc fundraiser in February with John Furlong #silenceisviolence”)

and to UBC generally

(“Will @UBC cont this hypocrisy? Will it cancel Furlong keynote? Or will it stop promoting knowledge of residential schools?”),

as did others, in response…

“In the apology, Ono said UBC “made this decision in good faith, but without proper consideration of its potential impact on Mr. Furlong or his family”. He said the decision was made without his knowledge or that of the UBC board of governors, and that “I deeply regret this error …” Ono went on to say that “some take issue with Mr. Furlong”, but noted his record of public service and extraordinary contributions to amateur sport.

“There is also no question that he deserved better in UBC’s handling of this matter… At root, the university’s decision making throughout this matter did not meet the standard I am eager to instil… While a modern university should neither court nor shy from controversy, our decision-making should be the result of a robust deliberative process… In this case, we have no one to blame but ourselves …”

–‘UBC’s tidy apology to John Furlong doesn’t right the wrong’,
Christie Blatchford, Vancouver Sun, 01.03.201



“One of those complainants, a woman who claimed sexual and physical abuse, couldn’t keep her story straight; names and dates changed with every RCMP interview. Another B.C. Supreme Court judge later concluded the woman never attended the school where she says Furlong abused her.

“A second woman dropped her civil claim after her criminal complaint was deemed unfounded.

The male complainant, it turned out, already had been compensated to the tune of $120,822 from Ottawa for similar abuse allegedly committed by another man at another school in a different town during the same time period he said Furlong had abused him

The woman’s complaint was investigated and police couldn’t substantiate it, in large part because her story shifted so often. That decision was reviewed by the Alberta RCMP, lest the B.C. Mounties had goofed.

“The other woman had testified in discovery for her civil claim; at one point, Judge Wedge said, she listed all the schools she’d attended and the one where she alleged Furlong had abused her wasn’t among them. The school register didn’t show her name. The male complainant, attempting to be paid twice, was clearly riding the residential school train…”.

–‘John Furlong’s sex-abuse trial by social media’,
Christie Blatchford, National Post, December 30, 2016


John Furlong in 2003 (PHOTO: Richard Lam -- Postmedia News)
John Furlong in 2003 (PHOTO: Richard Lam — Postmedia News)

“Once the first salvo was fired, once the word “abuse” appeared in front-page stories alongside John Furlong’s name, the public face of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics couldn’t win.

“That is how the game works. The idea of an heroic figure with feet of clay always makes a sensational story.

“It’s only when the story turns out to be untrue that it gets awkward.

“Oops, sorry!” doesn’t quite cover it. Or the accounts of the story’s unravelling run “on Page 6,” as Furlong said Monday, in a 90-minute conversation with ‘The Vancouver Sun’, his first extended sit-down interview in three years.

“The public moves on to the next victim, but the asterisk, Furlong well knows, may always linger.

“When this happened … I have a huge Rolodex, and a lot of people in my corner. And the corner just emptied out,” Furlong said. “A lot of people stayed, but a lot of people just went away, and I think it’s partially because they don’t know what to do, what to say. ‘How are you feeling?’ They know how you’re feeling. And so it became quite lonely.

“I used to exercise, fanatically, every day, and the desire to do that just evaporated. I didn’t want to be around people. It was embarrassing, humiliating. So I would get up at 4 in the morning and go walk the seawall, and then do it again at 10 at night, when it was dark.”

“The 65-year-old, Irish-born chief executive of the Vancouver Olympic organizing committee said he has begun to emerge from “the darkness” of allegations, brought forth in 2012 by a journalist/activist, Laura Robinson, that he physically and mentally abused students at an aboriginal school in Burns Lake, B.C., while teaching there as a member of an Irish Catholic mission in 1969.

“One by one, the allegations, which had first appeared in the ‘Georgia Straight’ newspaper, fell away, and the final act in Robinson’s obsessive three-year campaign against Furlong ended Sept. 18 when Madam Justice Catherine Wedge of the Supreme Court of B.C. dismissed a defamation suit she brought against the man she had sought to bring down.

“Ms. Robinson’s publications concerning Mr. Furlong cannot be fairly characterized as the reporting of other persons’ allegations against him,” the judge wrote. “Rather, the publications constitute an attack by Ms. Robinson on Mr. Furlong’s character, conduct and credibility.

“Robinson had proceeded with the defamation suit even after Furlong withdrew his own, against her.

“That he decided not to pursue the reporter for damages, given the enormous financial and emotional cost of defending himself against potentially ruinous allegations, is among the more surprising aspects of his ordeal.

“I honestly thought about it, and just decided I don’t have it in me,” he said. “I didn’t want to spend another minute on it.

“I would have hoped with all three cases gone that everybody would have seen this is not going anywhere, and just let it go and hope everybody learned something. And my family can recover and she can go away and think about something else.

“And of course, her reaction was, ‘I’m going to press on’.”

“Furlong said that in the beginning, he had thought Robinson’s story was so obviously untrue, no newspaper would publish it.

“I thought this would end in three days. And I was so wrong, and it got worse and worse. And the other thing I realized was that the more you respond to it, the worse it gets,” he said.

“You want to respond, and you see your children struggling, and so you do, and then what was contained is suddenly five times bigger.”

“Three years’ worth of legal fees, lost income from speaking engagements cancelled by nervous organizations, the cost to Furlong was considerable. Would he put a number on it?

“I won’t, but it was too much. An outrageous amount,” he said.

“When the Games ended, I can’t imagine there were too many people busier than me. Speaking engagements … and then it just died. And that was retirement planning for me.

“So all of that fell apart, and then my confidence went. It was always sitting there on my shoulder, waiting to jump out.

“Well, it was a lot of money, and some people helped (with the costs) but you know, financially is one thing but the human cost … I’d rather be penniless and respected than rich and reviled.”

“The human cost included the harassment of his children and, indirectly, the 2013 death of his wife, Deborah, in an auto accident in Ireland, where the couple had retreated to escape constant reminders of how opinion had turned against a man who had been hailed as a hero after the success of the Olympics.

“The court case, especially the judge’s ruling on Robinson’s defamation bid, has brought some measure of closure, Furlong said…

“I’m not sure I’m fully out of it yet, but I’m certainly feeling better. I mean it’s different than it used to be,” he said.

“I’m not wearing my dark glasses as much as I used to, there’s some good things happening around me.

“Well, anyway, it’s done and hopefully this time next year I’ll be able to look back and say this was all for the best.”

“He laughed.

“But I don’t think so.”

–‘John Furlong opens up about his lengthy legal battle’,
Cam Cole, Postmedia News, November 25, 2015



“In a stunning article published Sept. 26, 2012 by the ‘Georgia Straight’ newspaper, a Vancouver weekly, Mr. Furlong was alleged to have physically abused and verbally tormented aboriginal children while teaching at ‘Immaculata Elementary School’ in Burns Lake, B.C., during the 1969-1970 school year.

“Mr Furlong denied the allegations and launched a defamation lawsuit and public relations counter-attack against the report’s author, Ontario-based sports journalist Laura Robinson… Making matters worse for Mr. Furlong, three individuals came forward in 2013, claiming in graphic detail that he sexually abused them at Immaculata during the year he taught there. All three individuals filed similar but separate civil claims in B.C. Supreme Court, asking for “punitive, aggravated and exemplary damages”.

“At least one of those claims appears to have been bogus; on Tuesday, it was thrown out of court. A second claim was withdrawn in December. The third claim seems adrift.

“In her reasons for judgment released Tuesday, Madam Justice Miriam Gropper determined from school records and examination for discovery statements that claimant Grace Jessie West was not an Immaculata student during the school year she claimed to have attended. Ms. Grace would have been nine years old at the time.

“The judge noted that Ms. West gave conflicting accounts of her educational history during her April 2014 examination for discovery. Her then-lawyer, Jason Gratl, withdrew from the case, and Ms. West did not appear for subsequent proceedings.

“In all the circumstances,” wrote Judge Gropper, “I must dismiss Ms. West’s action.”

“The findings and related events throw into question other claims of abuse made against Mr. Furlong. He has denied each and every one of them.

“Beverley Abraham abandoned her civil claim against the former VANOC boss in December, because, she told the CBC,

“it’s been stressing me out and this has been years.”

“In her claim filed July 24, 2013, she alleged that Mr. Furlong sexually molested her “approximately 12 times” when she attended Immaculata in the 1969-1970 school year.

“Ms. Abraham was a prominent source in the ‘Georgia Straight’ article that first raised allegations of physical and mental abuse by Mr. Furlong. No mention of sexual abuse was made in the article.

“According to the Georgia Straight, Ms. Abraham swore in an affidavit that Mr. Furlong called her and other students “good for nothin’ Indians”, and

“would take his big foot and slam us down on the floor. It really hurt our chests”.

“Mr. Gratl, the Vancouver lawyer who had represented all three complainants, confirmed he no longer acts for any of them. He said “professional obligations” prevent him from explaining why. “I wish I could say more,” he said in an email to the National Post…”

— ‘Judge throws out sexual assault case against John Furlong, former Vancouver Olympic committee CEO’,
Keith Fraser, Brian Hutchinson, National Post, February 17, 2015



See also:
The ‘Indigenization’ and ‘Racialization’ of Canadian Universities’ {September 25, 2016}:


Education or Indoctrination?’ (Mandatory ‘Indigenous’ Courses) {Sept. 5, 2016}:
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‘Pipe Fiction’

Canadian media continues to give widespread exposure to unelected, unaccountable, misleading aboriginal race activists, further exacerbating an unhealthy racist discourse in Canada: 

“From Standing Rock to The Assembly of ‘First Nations’…opposition to pipelines has become a rallying cry, and a hill many political leaders have staked out as their preferred location for death…

“…A few years ago, I visited the Unist’ot’en camp in British Columbia. This camp is located west of Prince George, on the proposed right-of-way of the ‘Gateway’ pipeline. I was impressed by the resolve and commitment of the people who had set up camp and remained for several years. They were creating a permanent settlement within ‘their’ unceded territory.

He conveniently omits the fact that the protest camp is at least partly funded by Vancouver Lower Mainland anarchists and environmentalists, was initially set up to oppose a natural gas pipeline that is also coming through that area, and is NOT supported by the local elected tribal chiefs..: 

‘Wet’suwet’en chiefs distance ‘First Nation’ from Unist’ot’en camp, urge cooperation with pipeline companies’

“…Wet’suwet’en chief Karen Ogen, Nee Tahi Buhn chief Ray Morris, Burns Lake Band chief Dan George, and Skin Tyee ‘Nation’ chief Rene Skin issued a media release that distances the ‘First Nation’ as a whole from the camp’s actions. Going further, it denounces the camp’s goal of blocking pipeline developments…”

“We’re all Wet’suwet’en,”

Chief Karen Ogen told the ‘Straight’ in a phone interview. Ogen leads the erstwhile Broman Lake Indian Band. Currently known as the Wet’suwet’en ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 247 people}, her community is a partner in the pipeline project, one of many planned for B.C.’s nascent liquefied natural gas industry.

“We have a choice to either maintain the status quo in our community, keep things as they are, keep the social issues and people on high rates of income assistance, or we could look at this as an opportunity to move our ‘nation’ forward,” she said…” 


Then, he continues the misinformation…
“This summer I visited Standing Rock and I was also impressed by the commitment and strong cultural foundation of the people… These two sites are where the ‘indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} people have drawn the line and said that no pipeline shall pass. The Tshilcoten people at the Unist’ot’en camp have won their battle and Standing Rock is still remains in the balance.

Well, not quite. The Unist’ot’en camp still has to deal with the coming gas pipeline — and their elected leaders’ support for it — while Standing Rock is largely the product of outsiders:

“The Standing Rock Sioux call this reservation home, and many are not on the frontlines of this months-long, and at times violent, protest…

“No one makes this clearer than Robert Fool Bear Sr., 54, district chairman of Cannon Ball. The town he runs, estimated population of 840, is just a few miles from the action. It’s so close that, given the face-offs with law enforcement, you have to pass through a police checkpoint to reach it. It’s about time people heard from folks like him, he says.

“Fool Bear has had it with the protesters. He says that more than two years ago, when members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe could have attended hearings to make their concerns known, they didn’t care. Now, suddenly, the crowds are out of control, and he fears it’s just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

“Go down to the camps, he says, and you won’t see many Standing Rock Sioux…

“Just look at a recent vote in the community for further proof that Fool Bear’s not the only naysayer. When protest organizers presented a request to build a new winter camp in Cannon Ball earlier this month, his community shot it down.

“Of the 88 people who voted, he says 66 were against the camp, less than 10 were for it and the rest remained undecided…”
‘Pipeline Phobia’ (Standing Rock, U.S.) {November 23, 2016}:

He finishes with yet another extortionist threat aimed at the Canadian economy and people:
“The issue of pipeline construction is just ramping up and I predict that next year we will see demonstrations in Canada on par with Standing Rock. After years of being pushed aside and left out of the Canadian economy, our people either want in or are prepared to flex our political muscles and bring construction to a stop.”

–‘Pipelines draw a line in the sand’,

See also:
Death Threat?{April 10, 2014}:
“On November 20, 2012, ‘Toghestiy’ did what his ancestors would have done to people not welcome in their territory. Confronting surveyors for a gas pipeline planned in Northern B.C, he handed them an eagle feather in accordance with Wet’suwet’en law. It was the first and final warning that anyone involved with the Pacific Trail Pipelines isn’t allowed to return. According to Toghestiy, his forebears didn’t look kindly on anyone who ignores such warning.

“In the old days, our people dealt with that with death,” Toghestiy told the ‘Georgia Straight’… “…this is something that our ancestors have done for thousands of years. They’ve given us more and more reasons to evoke all of our old laws again because, you know, we’re not gone. We’re not extinct. We’re still here. We’re living on ‘our lands’.” 

No Treaty Leg To Stand On’ (Standing Rock) {December 4, 2016}:
“…they will not in future object to the construction of railroads, wagon-roads, mail-stations, or other works of utility or necessity, which may be ordered or permitted by the laws of the United States.”


Aboriginal Support For Gas Pipelines{April 16, 2016}:
“The latest to sign revenue deals this December are the Wet’suwet’en, Skin Tyee and Nee Tahi Buhn in north-central B.C. They signed revenue deals with the province for TransCanada’s $4.7-billion Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline… The Nisga’a in northwest B.C. signed a revenue deal with the province in late November for TransCanada’s $6-billion Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project…”


Chiefs Facing Off Over Pipelines{January 10, 2015}:
“Wet’suwet’en ‘First Nation’ chief Karen Ogen said her community considers gas more benign than oil, as gas evaporates in the event of a leak. She also pointed to the existence of a natural gas line constructed in 1968 in northern B.C. for domestic use (the Pacific Northern Gas line).

“Ogen said it is important to know this line has not destroyed their traditional territory or their ability to hunt and fish and gather traditional foods and medicines…”
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‘Systemic Racism’ In Canadian Military?’

The CBC is at it again. This time, it’s “systemic racism” in the Canadian military, and it’s based on a ‘draft report’ produced by the ‘Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group’, using a miniscule sample size of uninvestigated reports… Yes, more quality ‘journalism’: 

“‘Indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} members of the Canadian military face “systemic racism”, according to a draft report obtained by ‘CBC News’ that calls for an external review…

“Of the 230 ‘indigenous’ military members canvassed by the ‘Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group’ group, only 16 responded, reporting 40 incidents.

Despite the low response rate, the group said the problem is widespread {?} and many incidents go unreported over fear of reprisal {Evidence?}… 

“There have been examples of abuse of authority,” according to the Aboriginal advisory group’s latest report. “This is not the military our Aboriginal members signed up for and this is not the military they dedicated their lives to. Victims are being forced out of the military, yet the aggressors continue on — some excelling at their careers.”

“The CAF does not tolerate discrimination and any instance of discrimination is one too many,” wrote a Forces spokesperson in a statement to ‘CBC News’.

“Any case of [discrimination] is extremely serious,” said military ombudsman Gary Walbourne. “If this is actually as rampant as that report would lead you to believe, it needs to be stomped out of the organization.”

“Walbourne said his office stands ready to help ‘indigenous’ military members and could launch its own investigation if any of them file an official complaint.

“News of the draft report comes at a time when the military is actively trying to recruit and retain ‘indigenous’ members. These allegations of racism won’t help, Walbourne noted…

“In one case, a man alleged he missed his son’s birth when the military denied his request to attend a sacred naming ceremony.

“I was told by the course director that my religion is not recognized by the military,” he wrote. “I was furious. I missed the birth of my only son.”

“Others reported encountering the worst racism they’d ever faced, and described being regularly singled out, harassed and called derogatory names.

“I was on a military … course and I had several guys call me a dirty wagon burner and a squaw, another called me Tonto. I told staff and nothing was done,” one ‘indigenous’ member told the advisory group.

“The military ombudsman said he has investigated three cases of discrimination against ‘indigenous’ members over the last year. In two of the cases, the military acted swiftly and corrected the problem, he said. The third investigation is continuing…

“Walbourne said he hopes members of the Aboriginal advisory group or the ‘indigenous’ community will come forward to his office with these new findings and evidence to support it.

“CBC requested an interview with the Canadian Armed Forces, but no one was made available to discuss the draft report.

“The advisory group’s civilian co-chair who authored the report said she’s unable to speak to the media.”

–‘Indigenous’ military members endure ‘systemic’ racism, report claims’,
Ashley Burke, CBC News, Dec. 13, 2016


Canada's military ombudsman, Gary Walbourne (PHOTO: Ashley Burke - CBC)
Canada’s military ombudsman, Gary Walbourne (PHOTO: Ashley Burke – CBC)

“Based on ‘self-identification’ figures from June 2015, there are approximately 2,294 Aboriginal members currently serving in the CAF Regular Force and Primary Reserve Force combined, or a representation of 2.5%. (Self-identification is voluntary, meaning that enrolment numbers may be higher than they appear.) The Canadian Army has the highest percentage of Aboriginal people at 2.7%, the Royal Canadian Navy has a representation of 2.3%, and the Royal Canadian Air Force is at 2.2%. The CAF’s long-term Employment Equity goal {?} for ‘Aboriginal peoples’ is 3.4%…

“The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has acknowledged the practice of Aboriginal Spirituality as important for Aboriginal members. Aboriginal Spirituality consists of various customs and traditions which are unique to each Aboriginal community across Canada. The CAF have revised policies to ensure Aboriginal members are able to practise their specific Aboriginal customs and traditions, such as the wearing of the Métis sash or the wearing of long braided hair. The CAF also offers Aboriginal members the opportunity to participate in various cultural ceremonies (such as the sweat lodge) on CAF bases and DND property…

‘Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group’
“The mission of the Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group is to advise Commanders on significant issues affecting the lives of Aboriginal people working at the Department of National Defence (DND) and serving in the CAF. The members of the Group support the chain of command in their mandate to foster awareness of Aboriginal issues and recruiting and retention issues, and also provide a forum for Aboriginal peoples to gather and support one another as they exercise their unique cultural, spiritual and traditional identities within DND and the CAF. All DND employees and CAF members, regardless of ethnic origin, are welcome to join the Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group. The Group provides essential advice to DND and CAF leaders, identifying current systemic problems and anticipating the impact of new policies and initiatives on Aboriginal employees and members…”


Logo of the 'Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group' (DAAG) of the Canadian Armed Forces
Logo of the ‘Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group’ (DAAG) of the Canadian Armed Forces

From 2015:
“This year, the ‘Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group’ (DAAG) celebrates its 20th anniversary and a long legacy of accomplishments. The DAAG advises the ‘Defence Champion for ‘Aboriginal Peoples’ on significant issues and trends affecting the role and quality of life of ‘Aboriginal people’ serving in the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)…

“Lieutenant-General Marquis Hainse, Commander Canadian Army, is the current ‘Defence Champion for ‘Aboriginal Peoples’.

“I am very proud to be the Champion and delighted to congratulate the DAAG on their 20th anniversary,” said Lt.-Gen Hainse. “The traditions and values of Canada’s ‘Aboriginal Peoples’ contribute greatly to our nation’s history and its cultural diversity, as well as to the CAF. The DAAG offers valuable guidance to senior leadership to promote and create a fair, equitable and inclusive working environment for all members of the Defence Team.”

“During the last twenty years, the DAAG has influenced the creation of a number of valuable initiatives, directives and programs.

“For example, the DAAG has influenced the change in dress regulations that allows Aboriginal members to wear their hair in a traditional manner. It has also helped to increased acceptance for certain other aspects of Aboriginal culture and extended family life within the DND and CAF communities…

“Over the years, the DAAG has become so much more than just an advisory group: it has become a community. And I would like to thank all the people that have contributed to the group during the last two decades, including members, the ‘Directorate of Diversity and Well-Being’, the ‘Directorate of Human Rights and Diversity’, the ‘Champion’s office and so many other people and organizations,” Ms. Karen Shelton, National Civilian Co-Chair of the DAAG added.

–‘The Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group celebrates 20 years of accomplishment’,
Captain Caroline Massicotte, Army Public Affairs


Feature IMAGE: http://www.theartof.com/articles/lessons-on-leadership-from-the-canadian-forces


See also:
CBC Race-Baiting Yet Again’ (Sports/Cultural Appropriation) {October 17, 2016}:
“…nothing can happen in Canada any more without a ‘contribution’ from the Aboriginal Industry – this one, incited by the CBC.”


CBC Blames Canadians’ (Aboriginal Issues) {September 9, 2016}
“Here’s a CBC employee {They used to be called ‘journalists’} complaining about the fact that whenever the CBC covers ‘aboriginal issues’, their audience declines. In their typically-blinkered ideological fashion, they have decided that it’s Canadians’ fault – for just not caring about ‘aboriginal issues’.”


CBC Playing Race Games’ (Media/Medical System) {August 17, 2016}:
“As we have often pointed out, the Aboriginal Industry is succeeding in Segregating aboriginals from the rest of Canadians in more and more aspects of life. This is led by race-based organizations and ‘associations’ who use accusations of ‘racism’ to both get attention and justify their own existence. The result is less, rather than more, racial tolerance, particularly from aboriginals.”
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‘Silencing Dissent’

All across Canada, government employees are being forced to attend what amount to little more than one-sided, guilt-tripping, brainwashing sessions presented by the Aboriginal Industry. In Thunder Bay, police officers interrupted one such session to question some of the assertions being made. This resulted in the offended aboriginal ‘trainer’ {What an appropriate title!} packing up and leaving in a huff. The force is once again being accused of ‘racism’. A Thunder Bay officer subsequently commented on a Facebook post and – of course – is now the subject of an investigation that threatens his career: 


“A Thunder Bay, Ont., police officer who posted on Facebook that “Natives are killing Natives” is the subject of an internal investigation launched Thursday by the city’s police service.

“The comments were posted by Const. Rob Steudle, a director with the police association and a recipient of the ‘Diamond Jubilee’ medal in 2012.

“Steudle was responding to a post on the local paper’s Facebook page on Sept. 17. Steudle does not identify himself as a police officer on his Facebook profile. ‘CBC News’ has verified Steudle’s identity… 


“These types of comments are not acceptable,” Thunder Bay police spokesman Chris Adams said. “They do not reflect the values of the Thunder Bay Police Service. We would like to apologize to our ‘indigenous’ community for the hurt these comments may cause.”

“Here is a timeline leading to the launch of the internal police investigation:

Sept. 13: ‘CBC News’ reports allegations that a ‘race-relations trainer’ was ‘verbally assaulted’ {‘challenged’…See below} by Thunder Bay police officers while delivering a session on ‘indigenous’ issues.

Sept. 14-15: The local paper, the ‘Chronicle Journal’, writes an article and an editorial downplaying the concerns raised by the trainer. {See below…}

Sept. 16: Nishnawbe Aski ‘Nation’ Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler writes a letter to the editor of the ‘Chronicle Journal’ about the response by the police and the newspaper to the concerns about the race relations training. The letter is posted on Facebook.
{The Chief’s lame response, in its entirety:
“Regarding The Chronicle-Journal editorial from Sept. 15, ‘Racism Claim Not Backed Up’:
The only thing worse than the conduct of Thunder Bay Police officers as reported by the CBC is the attempt by the police, and this newspaper, to justify it.” }

Sept. 17-18: Rob Steudle posts several comments on the Facebook posting.

Sept. 29: Thunder Bay police respond to an APTN reporter’s request for comment on the Facebook post.

“We would like to thank the reporter from ‘APTN News’ for bringing these comments forward to police,” the force said in the news release issued on Thursday.

“The professional standards investigation comes as the Thunder Bay police are facing a systemic review by the province’s Office of the Independent Police Review Director for the way the service handles investigations into the deaths of ‘indigenous’ people.

“Earlier this week, Ottawa police launched an investigation into a complaint that an Ottawa police officer made “troubling” comments on social media related to the death of Inuk artist Annie Pootoogook.”

–‘Thunder Bay police officer’s Facebook post prompts professional standards investigation’,
Jody Porter, CBC News, Sept. 30, 2016



“The incident is now the subject of a ‘Police Services Act’ investigation by the force’s ‘Professional Standards Unit’. A police spokesperson told ‘CBC News’ he could not comment further due to the active investigation…

“The statement added that the investigation is a top priority for Thunder Bay police…”



EDITORIAL: ‘Racism claim not backed up’

“…A free and unfettered news media is an essential component of democracy. In English and French historical terms, the press was referred to as the fourth estate of government, with the clergy, the nobility and the commoners. In Canada, the House of Commons governs, with the media obliged to hold it — and all levels of government — to account. It is in this context that the CBC — the public broadcaster — alleged in a news story this week that Thunder Bay police officers verbally abused a woman conducting a cross-cultural training {brainwashing} session on ‘indigenous’ issues.

“Thunder Bay city clerk John Hannam, whose office produced the film used in the program, insists the woman misunderstood the behaviour of officers when they questioned statistics she presented on murdered and missing aboriginal women, and asked her to verify her claim that they treat ‘indigenous’ people differently than other people.

City police chief J.P. Levesque called the CBC story biased and inaccurate while police spokesman Chris Adams explained that it is easy to misread people in situations like this. CBC stands by its story.

“What Levesque and Adams did not — could not — say was that police are feeling besieged in Thunder Bay on the issue of relations with the aboriginal community. Whereas there once was a distinct difference in how some officers treated aboriginal and non-aboriginal people, the force and city itself have gone to considerable lengths to change that. Both have established aboriginal departments and the training session was one of 12 conducted for the police, 11 of them without incident.

City police were accused of similar behaviour in the recent inquest into aboriginal student deaths but the coroner’s report did not support the claim. There is disagreement over numbers of murdered and missing aboriginal women between Canadian police agencies and those who have successfully pushed for the inquiry.

“Those realities are part of what lay behind how police officers responded to the facilitator’s claims and numbers. How they expressed that disagreement is at the heart of the CBC story and the reaction to it. But police and the city are trying hard to improve relations with Thunder Bay’s aboriginal community. Surely that is the more important story.”

–‘Racism claim not backed up’,
Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal Editorial, Sept.30, 2016


COMMENT: “The problem is this is a one-way conversation, with a state-sponsored truth, sometimes devoid of fact. I find it telling that when asked to provide evidence of claims that are likely anecdotal at best, the facilitator packs up and leaves while claiming she was “verbally assaulted”. Is the Indian industry’s narrative that flimsy, that it cannot back up the material in its own indoctrination/propaganda material? These presentations are offensive to many who must endure them. No employee, whether working in the private or public sector, should be forced through a social engineering initiative.”
“The issue is that argument from the aboriginal Industry and the SJW’s — who like to think of themselves as colonial settlers — believe that racism only flows in one direction in this town and to say otherwise is heresy. The Industry et al have also been trying to change the meaning of the word racism to suit their agenda… As long as it is US vs THEM, which is how the argument is always framed by the Industry, this problem will persist and only get worse.”
“So Indians demand to be treated differently by the law (Gladue, anyone?) and then when the law treats them differently because they are Indians, they complain and cry racism?
“Pro tip for the Indians…. if you identify by race, you will be treated by race…”
“Because I don’t by into white guilt or refuse to be referred to as a settler or colonial settler, I am now racist? Because I believe the treaties are a relic of another time and are causing more trouble then they are worth, I am now racist? Because I believe that the native leadership is complicit and corrupt as anyone else, I am now racist?”
More COMMENTS: “I had the ‘Walk a Mile’ training forced on me in my workplace, did not go over well. My biggest beef was they opened the thing with a prayer to the creator that we were told to participate in. A big no no. Bunch of us walked right out. Can’t force religion in the workplace.”
“I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people who have attended an aboriginal awareness training program have had the experience of a massive guilt trip dumped on them. Ironically, the aboriginal facilitator shows no respect for his/her audience. If he/she is challenged on any point, that often doesn’t go over well, and indeed can get angry. That has been my experience.”
“According to Chris Adams, Thunder Bay Police Service spokesperson, who was interviewed on the ‘CBC Thunder Bay Superior Morning’ program this morning, he disagreed with it news reporter’s “narrative” of the event. He was very credible in his statements about it.

“But this is nothing new for CBC Thunder Bay and especially for its social justice warrior reporter. Write a biased news story against the Thunder Bay Police Service regarding an aboriginal issue, then having it spread across the country to smear it and the city, and doing nothing to retract it when the facts come out. The damage done, of course, can’t be repaired.

“It’s unacceptable conduct by CBC Thunder Bay, but it fits the agenda of CBC to be the supreme apologist for Canadian aboriginal people, and so their propaganda campaign in this respect will continue indefinitely.”
“So, they asked for proof and then the session was shut down and the facilitator feels that she was verbally assaulted for being asked to provide proof. This is beyond ridiculous, as are these sessions to sell white guilt to the masses.”
“Stop trying to make us responsible for the aboriginals in this city. If they want respect, they need to earn it, it does not flow from a treaty right.”
“Lets also not forget that these people are not ‘indigenous’ to this area, they are settlers themselves. It’s time to start understanding the real truth and stop being abused by false claims of “we were here first”, so you should pay us money for eternity.

“And another point… ok, there is racism. So what? When a group of people wants to identify themselves and collectively represent themselves by using race , then OF COURSE there will be racism. They have framed the issues solely by race

“Can government or “anti racism committees” change that? not a chance. In fact as long as they categorize everything by race, all they are doing is expanding it.”



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‘CBC Blames Canadians’

This is hilarious. Here’s a CBC employee {They used to be called ‘journalists’} complaining about the fact that whenever the CBC covers ‘aboriginal issues’, their audience declines. In their typically-blinkered ideological fashion, they have decided that it’s Canadians’ fault – for just not caring about ‘aboriginal issues’. 


It never seems to enter their politically-biased heads that people aren’t interested in the CBC’s reactionary, anti-Canadian, completely one-sided version of this ongoing story!

Our ‘national broadcaster’ — supposedly dedicated to fostering Canadian unity — has instead created the segregationist ‘CBC Aboriginal’.

Response in their ‘Comments’ section was so opposed to their one-sided coverage that the CBC has now banned comments altogether on ANY CBC postings concerning aboriginals! And these clowns blame Canadians, rather than their own reactionary bias, for the diminished audience: 

“… the audience isn’t really very interested in reading about ‘indigenous’ issues…

“I’ve learned that one guaranteed way to shrink my numbers is to write about Israel/Palestine {Another issue where the CBC’s bias is extreme}, or, to an even greater extent, ‘indigenous’ issues…

“After a column I wrote about the new {MM‘I’W} inquiry was largely ignored by readers, CBC Executive Vice-president Heather Conway told me weak numbers will not change our determination to make ‘indigenous’ issues a coverage priority:

“It’s disheartening, but doesn’t change my personal view that this is a — if not the — central issue facing Canadians this century.” {But should your ‘personal view’ be affecting news coverage? Is that not thoroughly unprofessional??}

“So. Why the indifference?

“Well, an obvious partial answer is plain racism {and they’re not talking about aboriginal racism… ever…}.

“‘CBC’s website, which is heavily invested in publishing reader comments, has chosen to turn them off where any story about ‘indigenous’ issues is concerned.

“In announcing that decision last November, CBC’s Senior Director of Digital News, Brodie Fenlon, wrote that

“These stories draw a disproportionate number of comments that cross the line … some comments are clearly hateful and vitriolic, some are simply ignorant. And some appear to be hate disguised as ignorance (i.e. racist sentiments expressed in benign language {?}).”

“Fenlon called the decision a temporary measure, saying CBC hoped to reopen comments on ‘indigenous’-related stories in about six weeks.

As of now, nine months later, comments remain switched off…”

–‘Why clicking on this story about Indigenous people matters’,
Neil Macdonald, CBC News, Sept. 07, 2016
(“Neil Macdonald is a Senior Correspondent for CBC News”)



Here is the same employee’s ‘unbiased journalism’:

“Governments have broken treaties, grabbed ever more land, forcibly displaced entire communities…and have effectively kidnapped generations of children, handing them over to be raised by non-Native families or reprogrammed as Christians in obscene “residential schools”.

And they blame Canadians for not being interested?

Image: CBC

December, 2015:
“This week, ‘CBC News’ has temporarily closed comments on ‘indigenous’ stories.

“It was not an easy decision to make. It took a lot of deliberation, including extensive discussion among managers and {only} ‘indigenous’ staff members

“Now, CBC management has tasked a group of ‘indigenous’ and ‘non’-‘indigenous’ staff members to develop guidelines and suggestions for reopening comments in the future.

“In the meantime, we wanted to share with the public the kinds of comments {except for aboriginals} that have been posted on our news websites…”



From 2013:
In January, CBC’s ‘Cross Country Check-Up’ did a feature on

“Does the meeting between aboriginal leaders and the Prime Minister mark the start of a new relationship?”

Their panel was composed of 5 ‘experts’: a Canadian Press Bureau Chief, an aboriginal consultant, and 3 aboriginal representatives. I guess that just about covers a balanced representation of 34 million Canadians, right?

So, where are Peter Best and Christie Blatchford and Tom Flanagan and Frances Widdowson on this panel — never mind Chief Louis and Anthony Sowan…?

The week before, the subject was “What do you think of the ‘Idle No More’ movement?”

That panel of 5 included the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, 2 journalists, and 2 Indian activists — an ‘Idle No More’ organizer, and a ‘Race-Based’ segregated fisheries advocate, who was also on the next week’s panel.

Why does our national taxpayer-funded broadcasting company not think it necessary to provide balanced political coverage?

And just how one-sided must a state broadcaster be before it is considered a propaganda organ, rather than a news outlet?


From the CBC mandate:

“contribute to shared national consciousness and identity”



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