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‘Let’s Talk About Cultural Appropriation, Shall We?’

I made a video with this feathered headdress that I bought from an online store in Indonesia. They make beautiful headdresses, and I was free to buy and wear it, so I did.

ERBLLetsTalkAboutCulturalAppropriationShallWe800x800MY VIDEO GOT 20,000 HITS IN 24 HOURS, AND OVER 50,000 VIEWS IN LESS THAN A WEEK. I have closed it now, it was only up to make a point, and I sure did.

I got full-on death threats, abuse, hate and racism like no other post or video I have done…so far, and that’s saying something.

And do you know why it got so many views and so much hate mail? Because they go ballistic over everything that they can find to be offended by. It’s their way of life, their culture, to look very, very hard and see bad in everything, even respected and LOVED sports’ team logos. Continue reading ‘Let’s Talk About Cultural Appropriation, Shall We?’

Trudeau and Gosnell

Trudeau and Gosnell

‘Nisga’a Chief James Gosnell, at the 1983 First Ministers’ Conference:

“It has always been our belief, Mr. Chairman, that when God created this whole world, he gave pieces of land to all races of people throughout this world — the Chinese people, Germans, and you name them, including Indians. So, at one time our land was this whole continent — right from the tip of South America to the North Pole… It has always been our belief that God gave us the land…and we say that no one can take our title away except He who gave it to us to begin with.”

‘To which Prime Minister Trudeau responded:

“Going back to the Creator doesn’t really help very much. So, He gave you title but, you know, did He draw on the land where your mountains stopped and somebody else’s began…? God never said that the frontier of France runs along the Rhine…

“I don’t know any part of the world where history isn’t constantly rewritten by migrations and immigrants, and fights between countries changing frontiers. And I don’t think you can expect North America or the whole of the Western Hemisphere to settle things differently than they have been settled anywhere else — hopefully, peacefully here.”  Continue reading Trudeau and Gosnell