‘Undermining the Rule of Law’


“Dressed up as bogus claims of Treaty ‘partnership’ and ‘sovereignty’ rights, successive court rulings and government policies have knowingly compromised the rule of law by granting special privileges based on ‘race/heritage’.

“This is extremely dangerous. 

ERBLUnderminingTheRuleOfLaw800x800“Corporate ‘First Nations’ are now claiming their genetic inheritance gives them the right to become a co-ruling class in Canada. They are demanding to sit at the ‘top table’ alongside the government. Yet, this is anathema to democracy — it not only undermines the rule of law, but also corrupts our system of government… 

“Even though aboriginals represent a tiny part of the population, their crusade is for a co-governorship determined by race, for use by their elite, with 50% for everyone else.
In spite of the fact that such co-governance arrangements fly in the face of the rule of law and democracy itself, governments — both local and central — are already establishing such arrangements to control crucial public resources.

“The naked ambition of the ‘Indian Industry’ driving this agenda (as submissions to the government and courts reveal only too clearly) is to set themselves up as a permanent ruling elite.

“By holding veto power on governing bodies, they can control the country by default. That government is playing along — threatening the integrity of the rule of law and democracy itself — is deplorable.

“Unfortunately, while the public are increasingly alarmed by these developments, many elected representatives are supportive…

“Under the Supreme Court of Canada’s ‘interpretation’ of Section 35 of the 1982 Constitution, government bodies are required to provide opportunities for ‘First Nations’ to contribute to the decision-making process. In most cases, local ‘First Nations’ have privileged status, which means that committees will refer to them as a matter of course. Government bodies also have been ordered by courts to ensure that local ‘First Nations’ are kept well-informed, especially on issues involving resource project submissions.

“The problem is that many ‘First Nations’ now want more. Being able to approve or block is no longer enough. They want, and are getting, decision-making rights – not through the normal democratic process, but through the back door.
“Democracy is based on four key elements – free and fair elections, the active participation of citizens in politics and civic life, the protection of human rights, and the upholding of the rule of law.

“By ensuring all citizens are treated equally, the rule of law prevents discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnic group, or gender. With an independent judiciary to ensure that no one – not even a monarch or elected ruler – is above the law, upholding the rule of law is a safeguard of crucial importance for the citizens of any modern democracy. This has now been undermined in Canada…”

{An excellent piece from New Zealand that was edited and contextualized for the Canadian context… ERBL}
–from ‘Undermining the Rule of Law’,
Dr Muriel Newman, New Zealand Centre for Political Research, April 20, 2014